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Test Automation

Virtualan Suite of Products


​Idaithalam is a No Code/Low code Test automation Framework, developed using Java and Cucumber. It leverages Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Tester can create test cases/scripts in simple Microsoft Excel with API Spec. Excel is a simplified way to create Json based test scripts in Idaithalam. Test cases can be created quickly and tested in minutes.


Cucumblan is a hybrid test automation framework for E2E testing. This library comprises of  predefined Gherkin step definition to test UI, Mobile, Rest API, RDBMS Database Testing, ActiveMQ and Kafka messaging.


  • Virtualan-plugin

    • Virtualan-plugin is a Service virtualization tool, driven by open-source software, specifically the Open API Interface spec.

  • Virtualization

    • Service virtualization is the simulation of the behavior of software components that are unavailable or otherwise restricted during the preproduction stage of the software development lifecycle. Supports Open API(Rest), Kafka, AMQ, Soap and IBM MQ.


Idaiserver provides APIs to execute REST API contract tests, generate test reports and feature files.

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