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  • Virtualan-plugin

    • Virtualan-plugin is a Service virtualization tool, driven by open-source software, specifically the Open API Interface spec.

  • Virtualization

    • Service virtualization is the simulation of the behavior of software components that are unavailable or otherwise restricted during the preproduction stage of the software development lifecycle. Supports Open API(Rest), Kafka, AMQ, Soap and IBM MQ.

  • Virtualan features:

    • a cloud-ready solution

    • Light-weight, simple setup and configuration

    • test data creation using a Swagger based UI or a REST API

    • It’s not just mocking, there's more than mocking

    • simulate any software component by deploying a virtualized service

    • perform service contract validation without any coding or configuration required

    • deploy in any environment via CI/CD tooling in minimal time

    • integrate with test automation tools


Christian Riener,
Head of Group IT,LBBW

we have used Virtualan to speed up the development process in our API management environment. Thank you Elanjchezhiyan (Elan) Thangamani for your very supportive attitude and fast improvements and fixes of Virtualan. Really helped us big time! 👍👍

Insurance Technical Consultant,
Small Business, CNA

"I never thought service virtualization would be this simpler, Thanks to Virtualan. It was quite handy and helpful in developing an Insurance Quoting API for a new product. API itself has lots of orchestration layers underneath performing different functionalities which needs to be developed in parallel by large team to meet shorter deadline. Mocking an orchestration layer using Virtualan was simple either it be a SOAP or REST implementation.
As a developer , I was able to mock other API service layers being developed by my team with parameterized input and use it for my development/testing. The tool allowed us to parameterize the input and output for different error/exception scenarios without bringing down the actual dependent downstream service layers. It was even helpful when a downstream API is down, there is always a fallback option to use the mock endpoints which allowed us to keep running the API during crucial integration testing and development."  

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